UGA 2017 Eva Dossa Hellenic Scholarship Fund

United Greek Americans (UGA) is an organization founded with the mission to unite Hellenic youth from around the world. We are proud to announce our 3rd Annual Eva Dossa Scholarship Fund for Greek-American students. The Eva Dossa Scholarship is named in honor of Deano Kastis the organization Founder’s grandmother, who has been a constant force in encouraging education and self-determination. Eva Dossa has made many sacrifices to ensure her children and grandchildren succeed, prosper, and contribute to the community. “Like many Greek-American families our grandmother was the rock and unwavering driving force in our household, and constantly instilled Greek culture in our daily lives”
Greek culture has historically manifested leadership and the value of rich tradition by developing the cornerstones of philosophy, art, music, dance, cuisine, language, and government. These principles are still applicable and relevant in society today. UGA works to foster these beautiful contributions and celebrate new milestones that promote change and progress.
The UGA Board of Directors aspires to honor individuals who will showcase how embracing Greek values can positively impact their lives as Greek-Americans. Oftentimes, our Greek-American youth can become disconnected from our traditional culture. The purpose of this scholarship is to acknowledge this challenge and encourage young Greek-Americans to make and maintain a connection with their heritage.
This year, United Greek Americans is excited to announce it will be giving $3,000 in scholarships ($1000 to three winners). The 2016 winners were Nina Casella from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Chris Odysseos from New York, New York. 2015 winners were Sophia Shakolas from La Palma, California and George Exarchakis from Monroe Township, New Jersey.
The applicants are required to submit a 2-3 page essay in response to the following prompt:
How have your Hellenic roots impacted your personal values and overall perspective? How do you intend to “carry the torch” and contribute to future generations of proud Greek-Americans? In what ways will you promote the development of Greek culture and tradition in the United States?
All essays must be submitted by May 1, 2017 and will be reviewed by the UGA Board of Directors. The winners will be announced Memorial Day Weekend.
Please e-mail to submit your essay.